Newborn Wihan – 13 days

Say “Hi” to Wihan guys! This adorable little face came to visit me on his 13th day in this world. He was a dream to work with, even though he had a tough time with some cramps here and there, which gave me even more time for cuddles so I am not complaining at all 😉

He has to cutest older brother and I am sure in no time these two are going to be best friends forever. Planning all sorts of mischief along the way…. 🙂

This newborn stage really passes so quickly, even though when you are in the moment with a newborn baby it feels like forever before they will be able to sit up by themselves and start communicating with you… but it really does go by soooooo fast! Cherish these moments! Before you know it they are running around the house creating all sorts of havoc lol!

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